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The Mega Update

We've been saving up some amazing news for you!


DK1 Cancelled

Let's first address that DK1 has been cancelled. Instead of wasting time ironing out bugs, helping out through support and making it consumer-friendly, the time is much better spent developing the next-gen cheap tracking.


We're partnering with MAMUT VR. With their high manufacturing quality, competence and drive to deliver cheap but high-quality products, we will together develop Cookie.


Cookie CV1

We will be working on developing Cookie Consumer Version from now on. Sporting some pretty damn tasty tracking quality keeping a low price. Not even Spooky Skeleton understands how that works out.


That's right gamer, we will be working together with the people over at SideQuest to try and finally bring Full-Body Tracking to the Quest. I guess we can thank anyone but Lizard Lord for that.

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