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Our Team.

Anton Bill Månsson

Founder & Lead Dev

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Peter Wiberg

Admin & Support

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Stellan Nilsson

CAD & Dev

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Oscar Melander Forslind

Hardware Dev

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About US.

What started as a hobby project for Anton (Crit) evolved into a school project UF (a kind of basic company for young entrepreneurs). After initially getting a lot of traction for his original design the members parted ways and moved on to do their own stuff. Left was Anton with the idea of bringing FBT to the mass market while retaining an adequate tracking quality aimed to achieve diverse use cases. 


This is when he reached out to Peter (AshOtaku) & Stellan (Abhraxxas) at Mamut VR, with their experience in production of VR related hardware since their start in 2016. After an enjoyable meeting over chicken and hummus in Anton’s backyard it was settled and StonX AB was born shortly after. 


While Stellan is great at CAD, none of the three of us had any real experience in producing and more importantly designing electronics. This is where “Hårdvaru-Jesus” (Hardware Jesus) comes in, his so called real name is Oscar (Kiwimagic) and he is now a very important part of StonX being the lead hardware developer as well as coding our clean UI. 


We truly believe that we have a small but exceptional team and we are so excited to finally show off all the hard work that has been made over the last couple of years. If you have any questions regarding us or our products you are more than welcome to contact your resident support monkey (Peter) at



Peter, Stellan, Anton and Oscar

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Our Goal.

We consist of a team of 4 people. Something we all have in common is the passion for making cool shit. Usually, a day of work for us consists of working... That's how cool we are. This is usually where normal companies write some cringe shit to disguise their plan to take over the world. Like, "we have a deep passion for creating world peace and stuff. I mean, who doesn't like that? Please buy our product." If you ask me, that's weird, why hide it? Of course, we want to take over the world and submit ourselves to our great leader, the programming socks wearing almighty leader. I don't know what more to write here so I'm just gonna fill it out with some facts about random stuff. Did you know that VR is short for Very Ratioed? Me neither, but all the kewl kids are talking about it. Another fun fact is that we shouldn't submit to lizard overlords, they are cringe and overrated. They usually hide behind some buzzword like Betaverse or whatever they're calling it. Did you know that cats do not always land on all 4 feet? Sometimes they land on 5 feet. Thanks for coming to my Teddy talk.

StonX DP1

Our History.

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